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ESQ- What its all about?

ESQ - Sekilas Pandang

What is the purpose in life? We want happiness, but what exactly is long lasting happiness?
Is it having the life partner of your dreams?
Is it having the best academic qualifications? best job?
Is it being the spotlight of the public and people praising and looking up to you?
Is it to have time for both work and play?

at ESQ, they unveil all my doubts.
I knew i had a split personality problem. The cause is actually simple.

evryone has 3 kinds of intelligence, Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the least talked abt Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

· IQ
main capital: Materialism
root question: What do I want?

· EQ
main capital: Social
root question: What do I feel?

· SQ
main capital: Spiritual
root question: Who am I?

"ESQ stands for Emotional Spiritual Quotient. It is known to mankind that IQ (intellectual quotient) is a necessary tool, but EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient) are equally (if not more) important.

These three will create knowledge, skill and attitude. IQ alone is insufficient to ensure success.

The Institute of Carnegie discovered, out of ten thousand successful people, only :-

1) 1500 (15%) resulting from technical competency, and

2) 8500 (85%) are due to personality.

The Institute of Carnegie also discovered, out of ten thousand people yang dibuang kerja....dimana :-

a) 1500 (15%) resulting from technical competency, and :-

b) 8500 (85%) are due to personality.

So it's quite important to develop your emotional and spiritual quotient as well. The training is focused on personal development through the integration of the IQ, EQ and SQ, but pays special attention to the EQ and SQ. The integration of these values would contribute to increase and improvement of individual performance that would then lead to increase in productivity of the world."

most of us study well (high IQ), network and socialize well (high EQ), achieving success and wealth..but the real success is to achieve longlasting happiness and thats where most of us leak..the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).Thus, in order for a person to be successful in life and after, is the perfect balance and combination of these 3 intelligence. missing one or two or even have all but unable to combine them well..will most probably be the cause of split personality.

Then i realise..tts my weak point. Split personality creates a fake to mask myself. and the reason why tt happens is because I only know spiritual based on theory, not application.

Why SQ is so important? A religious person can be religious, does lots of rituals but does not necessarily be spiritual. Tts y we see 'ustaz' acting cool thinkin they r religious and hold high status in the society..we see pple praying all day long but in their hearts are pride and the feeling of exclusiveness..I once got a question from someone, "If smoking is makruh, some say haraam..why do some ustaz still smoke?" see the picture?

the actual fact, it isnt the religiousness of a person determines his piousness,its the strength of his spiritual instinct that makes him a humble person on the face of this world.

The spiritual instinct is God's signature in man to make him feel that there is a need to find Him. That y people go extraordinary ways to find 'Truth'. Some by means of getting great education, some by great wealth, some by fame others juz go with the flow..but the actual truth of happiness in life and after, is to find Him.

We want to have someone who is kind, loyal, beautiful, loving, wise and so we realise that every great character we want in man is actually the same character of Him?

For example, some of us may want a loving wife/husband..isnt 'loving' His name, 'Ar Rahim/Al Waduud'?
or we want to work with a person who is trustworthy, isnt 'trustworthy' His name, 'Al Wakiil'?

This theory being proven 1400+ years ago when Muhammand (SAW) wanted to find truth, and the first words of the Quran came to him, "Iqra..." "Read, in the name of thy Lord..."

Why must we read in the name of God?
coz its His names (asma'ul husna) that are the true characters that are pre-programmed in our hearts, thats y we are attracted to those great characters (eg. the Powerful, the Guide, the Patient, the Wise).

if they are preprogrammed, why is it difficult for some to potray those pure characters in themselves? Coz every child is born pure (fitrah).

Each wrong doings or sins aft maturity(baligh) acts like a single dot that paints and veils the heart. Due to the countless sins we do, be it conciously or not, the dots covers the heart and slowly turnin it dark and cold like a rock. Thus, the pureness (nur) isnt able to be released or potrayed.

so in another it still unclear that,every living person on earth who has the drive to potray and attracted to good actually attracting him/herself to Him with and without knowing?

See the beauty of the Creator? Tts y not all religious people are spiritual.nor do all spiritual people are religious.Why? coz religion can be passed dwn frm generation to generations..but spirituality(iman) is something an individual has to find and work on his own.

if u do understand the explaination above..thats juz the a little percentage of the things the reveil in ESQ.

All thanks to Allah for showing me the way and opening up my blinded and long hardened heart.
more to come insyaAllah.

Take time to THINK. Its the source of power.

Take time to READ. Its the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to QUIET. Its the opportunity to seek God (ALLAH).

Take time to DREAM. Its the future made of.

Take time to PRAY. Its the greatest power on earth
~Author Unknown

(taken frm the ESQWay 165,by Dr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian)

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